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Welcome To The Dr. Jim and Jodie Show

We are excited to announce our new show, Dr. Jim and Jodie. Our hope is to inspire and spark something in you that will help you validate what your purpose is. We want you to keep in your hope, and keep in your faith. Stay tuned for weekly shows with amazing guests, interesting topics and practical advice. We answer your toughest questions and together we can start to make the changes we want to see and create an amazing tribe.

02-01 Ready to ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way?’  Get In Touch


02-01Is it time to take your business to the next level?

Transform Your Destiny

Weekly Inspiration on topics close to your heart.

Connect With Your Source | Bring God Back Into The Picture

There has been so much going on in this world during the past few days. Our thoughts are with everyone going through all these difficulties. So many heroes showed up to help those during the storm. People step up during times of extreme challenges. But, you might...

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Living Your Life’s Purpose

Welcome Back Everyone! Today we want to talk about living your life's purpose. Do you have a hard time speaking up and telling others what you are here to do? Do you know what your life's purpose is? Today we talk about how to have a greater understanding of how to...

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Interview with Ben Goldsmith | Dumb Owl Productions

Please watch our latest interview with Ben Goldsmith of Dumb Owl Productions. He is an incredible person and kept us laughing from beginning to end. He has so many little nuggets to share with everyone but the most important one is his dedication to achieving his...

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"Get Out Of Your Own Way"

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Ready To Move Forward

Do you have a vision?

Dr. Jim Lopez and Jodie Baudek offer coaching for personal growth and business development. They help you take the steps necessary to both achieve your goals and attain your highest dreams.

Improve Your Life Now

Dr. Jim and Jodie offer Coaching and courses that were created for people who want to move forward and start making changes right away.  Learn practical tips and techniques on how to deal with issues that impact your everyday life.

Personal Support

We all need support to make the changes we want to make. Dr. Jim and Jodie offer effective and personal support by giving feedback, guidance and direction so you can start to see the changes immediately.

See The Changes

Coaching can help you to keep track of the goals you want to achieve and your progress towards success. Discover your strengths, build a foundation, watch the changes you make in your life and share it with others.


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